3D XPD® Heat Transfer Vinyl

Siser's new 3D XPD is a material that expands when heated, revealing a puffy, three-dimensional texture.

The final appearance of the decoration can be changed through varying the pressing time and pressure. This allows the creation of a wide range of surface effects, such as embroidery, chenille fabric and high relief. When heat applied, 3D XPD puffs up to create a unique bubbly texture to letters and shapes. Create authentic applique looks without embroidery. Great for retro vintage looks!

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Siser 3D XPD® 18"

Siser 3D XPD® Heat Transfer Vinyl Color Choices:Add dimension and texture to any graphic design with 3D XPD®Siser 3D XPD heat transfer material puffs up to create a unique, bubbly texture to your letters, shapes, and designs so that you can create authentic aplique looks without embroidery. Great for retro vintage lookApplies at low temperaturesIron FriendlyPeels HOTNot recommended for fine detail workMounted on a pressure sensitive carrierExtremely durable, wash after washExcel..


Heat Transfer Vinyl Remover

THIS ITEM IS A SOLVENT THAT IS NOT ALLOWED TO SHIP BY AIR. THIS ITEM MAY SHIP SEPARATELY FROM YOUR ORDER.$(document).ready(function() { $("#popup").fancybox({ 'width': '400px', 'height': '400px', }).trigger('click'); });AlbaChem Heat Transfer Vinyl Letter Remover - No. 1020**Please keep in mind that this item will be shipped separately by itself. Thanks!IMPORTANT HAZARDOUS MATERIAL SHIPPING RESTR..


Siser® Weeder

Siser® WeederAfter cutting your designs, quickly get rid of excess CAD material with this handy weeding tool. Recommended for all Siser® heat transfer materials and printable digital media. The Siser® weeder allows you to weed with speed and accuracy – even in small cavities. ..



Squeegees are not included with the handles. All items are sold separately.$(document).ready(function() { $("#popup").fancybox({ 'width': '400px', 'height': '400px', }).trigger('click'); });SqueegeeSmooth out your masking films and remove unwanted air bubbles with this handy plastic tool. Recommended for use with all Siser® printable digital ..


Teflon Sheet

If you only purchase one cover sheet, make sure it’s this one, the most popular cover sheet in the industry.  A Teflon® cover sheet protects your garment and the upper platen.  The Teflon® sheet is reusable and will give your image a semi-gloss finish. Replace if the Teflon® becomes creased or wrinkled, because this can leave unwanted imprints in your image. ..