Peregrine 4 DTF Printer

Peregrine 4 Head DTF Printer

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Peregrine 4 Head DTF Printer

Go BIG with our Peregrine X industrial models

Printomize is the perfect DTF printer for your needs. These printers are designed from the ground up for DTF and incorporate a priority white ink circulation system to keep you flowing. Go BIG with our Peregrine X industrial models or go home with our easy-to-use Eyas A3+ with optional roll feed & mini shaker/Dryer.

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**Once inks are installed, printers cannot be returned to us.

Peregrine 4 DTF Printer
• Rip Software - Maintop 6.1
• Inks - 1 liter of each CYMK + 4 liter of White
• Film - 23.6” x 328 feet (600mm * 100m) 1 wide roll
• Adhesive Powder - 10 lbs Medium
• Support - Standard Phone, Email, and Chat
• Setup - Pre Assembled
Warranty - 1 Year Limited Warranty

 Software Main Top 6.1
 Speed 10~18 M²/hour
 Print Max width 23"
 2 Epson Printheads (CMYK - WWWW)
 Resolution 1400/1080/720/360 dpi  
 Auto Supply Ink System, Cleaning & Caping
 Each color holds 1 liter of DTF ink.

       Connects to PC via provided cable
       AC 220v, 50-60hz, 5a
       Working environment set to 70-75 degrees and 40 - 60% humidity

        Self-installation guide and support with our team(either in person or online) is provided.