HIX Corporation, located in Pittsburg, KS, has been a pioneer in the design and manufacture of quality products for the Screen Print and Graphic Transfer Industries since 1963. HIX was a locally owned family business started by two brothers to produce their Textile Conveyor Dryers, and since has grown into one of the top manufacturers of textile and food equipment worldwide.

Purchased in 1989 by the current owners, HIX continued to expand the product line to include a full line of Heat Transfer Machines, Screen Printers, Screen Frames, Flock Transfer Products, Industrial Ovens, and Commercial Food Equipment including Pizza and Tortilla Presses. HIX products can be purchased worldwide through distribution networks.

HIX is a world leader in the design, development, and distribution of equipment for the Screen Print, Industrial Dryer, and Commercial Food Equipment industries with it’s 110,000 square foot manufacturing facility including integrated aluminum foundry, CNC mill operation, welding, metal forming, wiring, fabrication, assembly, and packaging departments.

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HIX HT-400 Clamshell Press

The Industry’s Number One Heat Transfer PressThe graphics industry calls this machine “The Workhorse” for good reason – the HIX HT-400 Clamshell Press is rugged, durable, and made to perform. A must-have for any serious start-up business, the HIX HT-400 has earned respect for its numerous capabilities and reliability. With over 100,000 units sold throughout the world, this machine is regarded as an industry standard. Many customers have used this heat press for over 30 years of worry-free servic..


Hix HT-400E Clamshell Heat Press 15"x15"

Whether you are just entering business or have become an expert craftsman, the HT-400E offers many advantages that you will find of great value.  It is an economical, easy to operate, and mobile press for those who need dependability and also portability.No more need to compromise for cheap import quality equipment.  Here is your Made in USA press at an affordable price!SOLID FOUNDATIONBased on the HT-400 platform which has sold over 100,000 units over its life cycle.  RUGGEDArm m..


HIX Shirt Splitter Stand

Contact Your HIX Authorized Distributor to order these products.HIX Shirt Splitter StandThe HIX Shirt Splitter Stand is the handiest device for printing multiple panels on the same garment.The HIX Shirt Splitter Stand is built in a cantilever profile, providing the transfer machine with the capability to press only one side of a shirt while its other side hangs safely underneath the lower platen. It works well for garments where pockets, zippers, or other assemblies cannot allow for a flat surfa..


HIX HT-600 Clamshell Press

Take Your Designs to the EdgeThe HIX HT-600 Clamshell Press ensures that your larger heat transfer impressions are perfect from edge to edge. With a larger 16” x 20” platen surface, you’ll be capable of handing those transfers that require more surface area.Built with the same features and performance characteristics as the HT-400, the HT-600 has an increased heat platen (16″x20″) that can apply even pressure on all types of transfers, even on items up to ½-inch thick. The floating lower platen ..


HIX S-450 Clamshell Press

Automatic Release Offers Extra Resources for High Traffic ShopsClose the lid and walk away. Set up another job, or grab a soda. With the HIX S-450 Auto Release Heat Transfer machine, you have worry-free operation. When the job is finished, the clamshell lid pops open and stops the heat transfer process – but the upper platen stays hot and set to your pre-set temperature. It’s ready to work when you are!Hands-free opening saves time and effort, allowing the operator to apply more transfers in a s..


HIX S-650 Clamshell Press

The Right Press for Any JobGet the coverage your designs need with the HIX S-650 auto-open clamshell heat press. This outstanding press opens automatically without the need of an air compressor. It’s the perfect press for high traffic, high volume, and increased productivity.The S-650 utilizes an electronically activated mechanical latch release mechanism with a gas shock assist to help enhance and support your operations. This helps to reduce fatigue and increase productivity. Direct-To-Garment..


HIX N-680 Clamshell Press

Built for Long Runs and High Volume ShopsHIX N-680 air-operated automatic heat presses can be described with three phrases: easy to use, highly efficient productivity, and rugged dependability. You’ll notice your operators will have less fatigue and an increased performance rate.When the upper platen is lowered by hand, it will trip a micro switch just before closure and the machine will take over applying your preset pressure. At the end of the preset time, the machine will open automatically f..


HIX N-880 Clamshell Press

Designed for High Volume and Large TransfersThe HIX N-880 air-operated automatic heat press provides you with a number capabilities that you’ll be able to depend on. With its efficiency, consistency, and rugged productivity, you’ll have the ability to get the edge-to-edge coverage you require for those larger transfers. The HIX N-880 offers all the capabilities and performance you need in a clamshell press.Getting started with the N-880 is incredibly easy. Lowering the handle will trip a micro s..


HIX SwingMan 15

The Perfect Press for the Start-Up or Mobile ShopThe HIX SwingMan 15 heat press is perfect for start-up, small, or mobile shops who are intent on high quality impressions and reliable equipment for the sublimation market.The SwingMan 15 offers the ability to do garment transfers ranging from youth to XL adult sizes, and accepts substrates up to 1-3/4″ thick. The capability to imprint tiles, license plates, and mouse pads are all now available to you!Built under the same vision as the “workhorse”..


HIX SwingMan 20E

The Hardest Working Swing-Away Press in a Start-Up ClassThe HIX SwingMan 20E will go to work for you. Like your most trusted employee, this machine is designed to provide high performance with a long lifespan. The SwingMan 20E is the best in its class for a 16″ x 20″ platen surface and is the number 1 choice for most start-up businesses. With unlimited application options ranging from youth sizes to extra large garments, transfer applications are virtually unlimited.The SwingMan 20E is one of th..


HIX B-250 Hat Press

Portable and Almost Indestructible!The HIX B-250 is a super portable hat press that’s lightweight enough to bring to shows. The transfer hold down blanket ensures transfers don’t shift.The B-250 cap press is a manual machine which features a features a digital timer (optional analog) that is adjustable up to 99 minutes and 59 seconds, shows countdown on readout, beeps after elapsed time, and resets when the open and close handle (with full range pressure adjustment) is raised.The calibrated digi..


HIX R2R Roll Press

Go Further Than Ever BeforeApparel manufacturers looking for alternatives to sew in t-shirt labels and garment tags (mainly to make the consumer more comfortable in their clothes and to reduce costs) have transitioned to tagless care labeling.Speed, durability, and ease of use separate the HIX Digital R2R from all other roll label transfer presses. It is designed specifically for high production applications of tagless care labels with transfer times quick as one second on a variety of fabrics. ..


HIX SwingMan 20

The Easy Open & Close, Professional Grade Swing-Away Heat PressThis heat press is for professionals who are serious about maximum production, high-quality impressions, safety, and minimal effort on the operator. The HIX SwingMan 20 sets the industry standard in heat press design for sublimation and textile heat transfer production. This will provide incredible advantages to the operator – reducing fatigue and increasing productivity.The Swingman 20 features a large 16″x 20″ surface area heat..