Hot Melt Powder for DTF
Hot Melt Powder for DTF
Hot Melt Powder for DTF

Ecofreen Hot Melt Powder for DTF (Direct to Film)

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Ecofreen Hot Melt Powder for DTF (Direct to Film)

Formulated to use during DTG Transfer (DTF), Ecofreen's adhesive powder is crucial for this new technology. Cover your DTG Transfer media with this powder to allow for optimal press. Can use it for 100% cotton, poly, nylon, and more!

Works with DTG or DTF Printers!

Made in Korea

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Hot Melt Powder for DTF


1. Print the image onto the matte side of film in mirror mode. (CMYK>>White Ink)
2. Apply Ecofreen hot melt powder evenly and remove the excess powder
3. Hovering to bake the hot melt powder (338°F, 5min)
4. Transfer the image by heat press at 284°F for 15sec with medium pressure
5. Cold Peel (remove the film gently)
6. Heat press again for curing (284°F, 5sec) with medium pressure