Eyas2 DTF Printer+Oven

Eyas2 A3 DTF Printer / Oven

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Eyas2 DTF Printer / Oven

Eyas Series is a great starter printer for those looking to run a small business from home and fulfill some orders on Etsy , EBay , Amazon Perfect for entry level customers who want to get into the DTF business.

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**Once inks are installed, printers cannot be returned to us.

Eyas2 DTF Printer
• Rip Software - Maintop 6.1
• Inks - 1 liter of each CYMK + 4 liter of White
• Film - 11.8” x 328 feet (300mm *100m) 1 wide roll
• Adhesive Powder - 10 lbs Medium
• Support - Standard Phone, Email, and Chat
Warranty - 1 Year Limited Warranty


• Fast print speed of 40sqf per hour
• Auto White ink Circulation System
• Fully Automated In-Line Production
• Auto Cleaning And Capping
• Small 4 ft x 6 ft foot print