EasyWeed Essential Troubleshooting Techniques

EasyWeed Essential Troubleshooting Techniques

In need of desperate help working and applying Siser EasyWeed? Then, you came to the right place! This blog could help you work through some basic troubleshooting techniques. Both cutting and pressing tips are reviewed below for both beginners and experts!

**Please be reminded that this blog only applies to regular Siser EasyWeed only. Stretch, Extra, and Fluorescents go with different application settings. 

Siser EasyWeed


  1. Cutting Direction - cut in mirror image (reverse)
    Don’t forget to have the design to be flipped horizontally or mirrored when cut from HTV. 

    Siser EasyWeed Mirroring
  2. EasyWeed is always cut with the shiny (carrier) side down on the mat. Cut on the dull side of the HTV.

    Siser EasyWeed Cutting
    Siser EasyWeed

Test Cut

TEST CUT, TEST CUT, TEST CUT!!! When Siser products are designed to be easy and all cut settings are shared, settings may vary based on blade condition and age of the machine. There could be other factors that could affect the cut settings, so a test cut is always necessary to see if there are any adjustments needed. With the correct and proper amount of force, the HTV weeds much easier. Each individual piece of vinyl handles different cut settings so test cut is always recommended. Please check our pages for recommended cut settings, however these are just good starting points and your cutter may still require some adjustments. Also, even if you have cut EasyWeed before, different batches from the same manufacturer may not work with the identical cut settings.  

Easier Weeding Process

During the weeding process, if the EasyWeed is sticking and pulling up the design, then the cut wasn’t made properly and is not deep enough on the material. Increase the cutting pressure to correct the issue first before bringing the blade out to a higher setting. If dashed cutting lines or areas that just look palin chewed up are happening, it is recommended to bring down the speed a notch or two. Adjust the settings then perform a test cut. 

** For easier weeding process, check out Siser Weeder and Weeding table. 

Siser EasyWeed

Heat Pressing

  1. Check the materials - 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester, Poly/Cotton Blends, Leather
  2. Double check on the heat press temperature 305°F and time of 10 to 15 seconds. 
  3. Pressing pressure should be Medium pressure.
    • Pre-pressing a garment could help get out wrinkles and smooth the application surface to help achieve an evenly pressed transfer. Although this step isn’t too important in pressing EasyWeed, it could warm up the lower platen to give all around heat during this process for a better result. 
    • Watch out for pressing EasyWeed too long or at too high of heat because this will cause the vinyl not to stick to the garment. When too much pressing happens on a design, adhesive could completely burn off and when too little heating is applied, the adhesive may not activate to adhere with the garment. If all pressing instructions are properly followed and the EasyWeed still doesn’t stick too well to the garment, the vinyl may need to be peeled cold, allowing the adhesive lawyer to fully grip the garment.

    4. Peel Hot or Cold. 

Siser EasyWeed

Home Iron Compatible

Not all HTV loves your home iron like EasyWeed does! It's simple to apply when you keep these tips in mind..

  • Use a Hard, Flat, Heat safe surface (ironing board not recommended)
  • Use a setting 1-2 below cotton
  • Don't slide the iron (lift the iron and press in sections instead)
  • Add 1-5 second of additional pressing time if needed
More of a visual learner? Check out this video,


      EasyWeed is thinner than other vinyl on the market and offers a one-second tack application that’s great for layering. Press the first layer and each consecutive layer for 1-3 seconds. When pressing the final layer, press it for the full 15 seconds which will secure each layer that is in the design.

      Tips to Help EasyWeed Stick!

      Some garments have a slight coating to protect it from spills. Because of this thin layer, adhesives from any HTV’s may not be able to penetrate the garment. To weaken the thin protective coating on the garment, washing and drying the garment prior to pressing is highly recommended.

      Siser EasyWeed

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        Hey there, I’m using the Cricut hat heatpress. Can you help with time & temp? My attempt left nothing but adhesive where vinyl should be as my design. The black polyester trucker hat ink migrated through the vinyl & onto the transfer sheet. 😭

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