Cancellation & Claim Policy

We at Heat Transfer Vinyl4U / Hi-Tech Graphics look forward to serving you and your needs. If you wish to put in a claim regarding your order for any reason, please contact us through our email so that we may initiate the required process for the given situation. To best assist you in serving your needs, please provide us with the necessary information we may require from you in investigating your claims.

Cancellation Request:

  • Orders can only be cancelled before shipment; they cannot be cancelled or edited in any way upon being processed for shipping. 
  • All attempts at cancellations following an order’s shipment will be redirected towards our return policy and its corresponding process.
  • Please contact us through our email for cancellations or further questions.

Incorrect Delivery / Lost Package(s):

  • Please be aware that once your order has been packaged and given to the carrier service (i.e., USPS or FedEx) in charge of your order’s delivery, the status of your package lies solely upon the carrier and is beyond our control. 
  • For lost or stolen packages, Heat Transfer Vinyl4U / Hi-Tech Graphics requires that our customers reach out to us within 24-48 hours of delivery confirmation after having determined a package has not arrived, is lost, or has been stolen. 
  • In the event that a package cannot be found, we ask that you check around your residence/neighbors or if you live in an apartment, with the leasing office or front desk. Please understand that every case may be unique and we ask that you contact us immediately so we could process an investigation. Items such as supplies, vinyl, transfer paper, and so forth may be replaced at Heat Transfer Vinyl4U’s sole discretion, however, replacement is not always guaranteed. 
  • At times, investigations may take up to 7-10 business days. All the claims are generally opened on our customer’s behalf with the shipping company. 
  • If your packages are unable to be tracked by the carrier service relegated towards your order’s delivery, or it was never received despite a “delivered” status noted by the carrier, please send us notice as soon as possible after contacting the carrier service or local post office in charge of delivering your package. We will work with you in doing whatever we can to repair the situation.

General Claims:

  • For all issues, such as, but not limited to, missing items, damaged products, defective merchandise, etc., please email us the following information along with your claim:
    • Your name
    • Invoice / order number
    • Photo / scan of the invoice sent with your order, if order was received
    • Photos of the items sent, if order was received
    • Video clips of the product(s), if applicable / necessary 
  • Claims concerning returns of products due to changes in customer preference or past a 7 calendar day grace period may be subject to a 15% restocking fee. Please refer to Heat Transfer Vinyl4U / Hi-Tech Graphics’ return policy guidelines for further details.
  • Claims concerning orders past 30 calendar days starting from the package’s acquisition by the customer may be ineligible for support or may require contact with certain manufacturers depending on the circumstances. Please contact us through our email if you have any concerns.  
  • Certain products sold through our website are serviced and supported exclusively by their manufacturer in accordance with their terms and conditions. Please contact the manufacturer directly for technical support and customer service.