Your Introduction to Puff 3D Heat Transfer Vinyl

Introducing one of our best sellers, HT-Puff Heat Transfer Vinyl!

Are you looking for any interesting vinyl that will blow your mind? Sick of all the ordinary HTV’s that you’ve been working with and you’re in search of something new? You may have seen or heard of Puff HTV and wondered what all of the fuss is about. After you finish reading this blog, this product will inspire you to give it a try for yourself and add amazing depth, dimension and texture to your garment. 

HT-Puff HTV from Heat Transfer Vinyl 4U self expands to produce the raised, textured effect after the press to give the 3D look. If you ever felt like your flocked or thick HTV’s don’t do the job and you’re looking for a little bit more rounded and smooth design, this is the right place to start off with. It will surely offer you a fun level of depth to your garments.   

HT-Puff HTV - puff vinyl

The best option that's easy to work with is definitely (HT-Puff), which HTV4U now offers in a variety of eye-catching 23 color options. Additionally, we have a whole collection of  HT-Puff Neon, HT-Puff Metal, HT-Puff Glow in the Dark, and HT-Printable Puff that will stand out from the standard colors. 

puff heat transfer vinyl
With a compatible cutting plotter from such as Mimaki and Graphtech and a heat press, including popular units like the Hotronix Heat Presses and the Geo Knight Heat Presses, applying this fun and beautiful puff HTV onto your garments is just as easy as regular HTV. 

This heat sensitive material activates the puff with the right amount of heat and pressure! The vinyl is flat and thin before you press or iron it, and it can be applied to various cotton, uncoated polyester, cotton-polyester blends. Soft and Fluffy Puff effect is activated upon heat press and removal or protective film. 

3d puff heat transfer vinyl

When cutting the HT-Puff vinyl for the first time, perform several small test cuts using different cut settings on the cutting machine. For each type of puff vinyl, the ideal temperature is shown in each listing’s description. Please be reminded that these values could vary depending on the heat press machines so please do several “test presses” on a spare t-shirt. This will allow you to not only find the ideal pressing condition, but also see the actual color of the finished product.  

3d puff vinyl

A hot peel is a must! After pressing the design, make sure to remove your carrier sheet immediately! If you leave it on too long, it could impact how puffy your design is. As soon as you complete the pressing process, you will actually notice the carrier sheet being pushed up by the puff effect. This is totally normal and it makes the carrier sheet easy to grab. 

If you wish to share your HT-Puff designs with us and a large community of heat transfer enthusiast, we recommend putting a hashtag #htv4u or mention @htv4u on Instagram. 

For any further questions, you could always contact us at!

**HT-Puff HTV should not be layered with other materials. If you wish to have a  “layering” design with the material, you may press the puff layer last to test it out. 

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puff vinyl htv
3D puff vinyl

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