So you’ve figured out the design for your project; everything’s been mapped out, and things look good to go. But perhaps you’ve realized one particular snag upon attempting to bring that design of yours to life - which vinyl do you choose for your project?

When looking for heat transfer vinyl, it’s quite easy to realize that there’s a TON of options for you to pick from, and it can feel very daunting to pick one or a few from seemingly endless varieties of vinyl for your project.

As you proceed from here, we’ll be talking about some of our hottest vinyl products and their particular qualities, so you can get an idea of which heat transfer vinyl is right for you. And if you feel by the end of it all that you might not have found that right one, don’t hesitate to shoot us an e-mail so we can help you out!

Siser EasyWeed

       Siser EasyWeed   
Siser EasyWeed Shirt

Siser EasyWeed heat transfer vinyl is one of the bestsellers on the market - and for good reasons. Here are just some of the features EasyWeed boasts that make it such a top competitor:

  • Can be applied at lower temperatures
  • Can be cut with laser electronics
  • Able to be peeled hot or cold
  • Durable even after washing
  • A variety of colors to choose from
  • Thin; thickness of 90 microns
  • Adheres to 100% polyester, 100% cotton, poly/cotton blends, leather, and neoprene
  • Layerable 
  • Iron-on friendly
  • Available mainly in 12”, 15”, and 20”.

Siser EasyWeed Electric

Siser EasyWeed Electric


Siser EasyWeed Electric

While retaining the same qualities of EasyWeed, Siser Electric heat transfer vinyl is offered in unique, vibrant colors that have a certain pearlescent or metallic shine that is not seen in the regular EasyWeed lineup.


Siser EasyWeed StretchSiser EasyWeed Stretch 1Siser EasyWeed Stretch 2

Akin to its name, Siser EasyWeed Stretch is a more stretchable version of EasyWeed with a matte look, and is able to adhere to spandex. And because of its increased elasticity, it is also ideal for mesh jerseys - perfect for those who want to give some sporting wear a creative touch.

Siser EasyWeed Extra     

Siser EasyWeed Extra 1Siser EasyWeed Extra 2

Siser Extra variant of EasyWeed is able to be pressed on nylon.


If you’re looking to give your projects some scintillating shine, there’s no better than what Siser has to offer! Here are just some of the products Siser provides so that you can give your designs some dazzle!

Siser Glitter        

Siser Glitter

Siser Glitter 2

Siser Glitter is the main choice for people who want to add some sparkle to their designs! It is offered in a variety of colors, and is available in typically 12” and 20”. However, due to its thickness of 325 microns, it is not layerable like EasyWeed, and can only be used as a base or as a final layer for a design.


Siser Sparkle

Siser Sparkle

Siser Sparkle

Siser Sparkle is the alternative for those that want the shine of Glitter while wanting the soft and smooth finish of EasyWeed! With a thickness of 120 microns, the Sparkle vinyl lineup is also layerable to add to its versatility. Please note that despite its similarities to EasyWeed, there are some slight differences regarding its cutting, application, and care.



 Siser Twinkle

Siser Twinkle (1)

Siser Twinkle (2)

Siser Twinkle is another choice for those who want some shine in their vinyl. Thinner than Glitter but thicker than Sparkle, Siser Twinkle has a thickness of 225 microns. Smooth to the touch and also sporting a radiant gloss, this particular vinyl even has a slight reflective quality!



Siser Metal

Siser Metal (1)

Siser Metal (2)

For those that want a vinyl that flaunts a metallic sheen, Siser Metal may be the right match for your needs! At 63 microns, Siser Metal is a lightweight vinyl with a glossy metal finish that will retain its luster even after wear and tear. Note that Metal can only be used as a top layer when attempting to layer vinyl. 


Siser StripFlock Pro        

Siser StripFlock Pro (1)

Siser StripFlock (2)

A textured, suede-like vinyl, Siser StripFlock Pro can give your designs a feel similar to embroidery. Despite its thickness of 410 microns, StripFlock Pro is layerable, and can provide an embossed look for your designs that many other vinyls can’t provide.



Siser EasyPatterns

Siser EasyPatterns

Siser EasyPatterns (2)

If you’re looking to give your designs a certain decorative motif that singular colors just can’t provide, Siser EasyPatterns might just be the vinyl you’re looking for! Available in styles ranging from camouflage to seasonal prints, EasyPatterns can give your designs the patterned look you need with little stress! Make sure to use Siser TTD High Tack Mask when applying.


Siser Holographic

Siser Holographic (1)Siser Holographic (2)

Siser Holographic line of vinyl can make your designs shine with brilliant effects. The shimmering effects provided by Siser Holographic allows for some colors to be used as a substitute for rhinestones without the difficulty of using rhinestones for a project. Other colors within the Holographic lineup exude an opalescent or prismatic appearance, allowing you to give your designs iridescence from a wide variety of angles. 




Siser EasyPSV Permanent

Siser EasyPSV Permanent
Siser EasyPSV Permanent (2)


Siser Permanent line of EasyPSV is the go-to if you’re looking for some adhesive vinyl that’s long-lasting and durable against the elements. Suitable for decal work such as car graphics, outdoor signs, and almost anything with a hard surface, the permanent adhesive of this vinyl will give your projects that well deserved decoration that will last up to 3-5 years. 

Siser EasyPSV Glitter

For those looking for that shine of glitter while also needing a vinyl that can stick, Siser EasyPSV Glitter is definitely something to look into. Similar to EasyPSV Permanent while providing a look identical to that of Siser Sparkle, EasyPSV Glitter can give your projects a durable design with a scintillating touch.

Siser EasyPSV Patterns

Siser EasyPSV Patterns (2)

Siser EasyPSV Patterns (1)

Siser EasyPSV Patterns can give you the patterned look you need without the hassle! With identical designs from their EasyPatterns lineup, Siser has provided a way to give your projects a wide variety of themes with little difficulty.

Siser EasyPSV Removable

Need a decal but don’t want to commit to a permanent adhesive? Siser EasyPSV Removable can give you the decal work you need for up to 2-3 years while also allowing you to easily remove it when needed thanks to its special adhesive. EasyPSV Removable will come off cleanly each and every time, so you won’t have to worry about a gluey mess after removal. All colors within the EasyPSV Removable lineup come with a matte finish.