Uninet DTF 1000 Digital Transfer Printer
Uninet DTF 1000 Digital Transfer Printer
Uninet DTF 1000 Printer
Uninet DTF 1000 Printer
Uninet DTF 1000 Printer
Uninet DTF 1000 Printer
Uninet DTF 1000 Printer
Uninet DTF 1000 Printer
Uninet DTF 1000 Printer

Uninet DTF 1000 Digital Transfer Printer

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UNINET DTF 1000 Digital Transfer Printer

Exceptional printing quality "ready to wear"

The UNINET DTF 1000 printing system features a bi-directional roll feeder, white ink circulation system, vacuum, RIP software, training and onboarding. It is an affordable price compared to alternative technologies. The UNINET DTF 1000 produces durable and intense color prints, is built on the popular and reliable Epson engine, professionally modified and enhanced by UNINET. Choose this system if you will be batch printing and / or need the convenience a roll feed system with manual adhesive application (automated powder and curing system option (sold separately) available Q2 2023)

The UNINET DTF 1000 has significant advantages over comparative systems. Works for multiple fabric types (cotton, poly, blends and more), and works on both light and dark textiles.

*This product is excluded from all promotional discounts and offers.

**Once inks are installed, printers cannot be returned to us.

Uninet DTF 1000 Printer
  • Accepts rolls up to 13” wide
  • Vacuum-enhanced printing area for better ink adhesion and avoidance of film buckling
  • Print speed: up to 13 square ft / hr
  • 1440 dpi
  • WICS (White Ink Circulation System)
  • 6 Channel Technology (for White and CMYK)
  • XL White Ink Tank and Advanced Continuous Feed System
  • Humidity Sensor
  • RIP and Roller Software Included
  • Efficiently designed exterior shell and frame structure
  • Advanced Roller system for easy and fast feed controls
  • Efficient and simple flush system with flush cartridges or bottles
  • DTF specialized Damper system for improved pressurized delivery of ink
  • Conveniently located front control designs
  • Printer Dimensions – 27.5" x 23.6" x 15.7" / 70cm x 60cm x 40cm
  • Printer Weight – 48lbs / 21.7kg
    • World Class Service and Support direct from UNINET
    • DTF Inks (500ml each CMYKW)
    • 328 ft roll DTF™ Triple Coated Transfer paper
    • DTF Adhesive Powder (aka Transfer Powder, 1.75lb bottle)
    • DTF Starter Bundle (Hygrometer, Maintenance Solutions and Accessories)
    • UNINET DTF ProRIP Software
    • 2 hour virtual onboarding (Soon to be replaced with the DTF Master Class Video)
    • 12 Month Warranty: UNINET offers a 12 month warranty which pertains to replacement of faulty materials during the first year from the date of purchase of the machine (except for damage caused by the user, or other circumstances that does not depend on manufacturing defects). Consumable parts are excluded from the warranty, such as: print heads, dampers, inks (such consumable parts are available as spare parts if needed)
    • UNINET DTF Powder Heat Station (to cure the powder to the printed sheets)
    • Windows 7 or higher Computer (PC) with an available USB port
    • Heat press for finishing (curing) the final print to your garment - We recommend a 16x20 heat press
    • Humidifier (to keep the humidity above 40% in the print room)
    • Air purifier / Fume extractor for curing process
    • Additional Personal Training (2 Hour Personal Training Sessions are sold separately)
    (Using UNINET Triple Coated, Cold Peel Film and UNINET inks)

    When using the heat station (manual process):
    • After you print, you must apply the adhesive power within a few minutes (before the ink dries). Manual application of the powder would normally a require large container, spreading the powder all over the page, and then removing as much excess powder as possible by ‘flicking’ the back of the sheet.
    • Then lay the print in the heat station, print side face up.

    Recommended temperature for DTF powder curing:
    • A3 sheets – 120°C / 250°F for 120 seconds. For sheets with large images and / or a lot of ink coverage, it may be necessary to open the cover, rotate the page 180 degrees, and then bake again for another 2 mins.
    • A4 or smaller sheets - 120°C / 250°F for 120 seconds

    Application to substrate:
    • Recommended Heat Press Pressure: Medium or 60 lbs of pressure
    • Place or thread your garment on the press. Position the transfer sheet (print side down) onto the garment. Cover the transfer sheet and garment with kraft paper and close the press, using the following suggestions:

    COTTONS and BLENDS: • Press at 300 - 325°F for 10 – 12 seconds • Post press for 5 – 10 seconds *Hoodies may require 325°F and up

    POLYESTERS / TRI-BLENDS: • 265 – 275°F for 8 – 10 seconds • Post press for 5 – 10 seconds * Thinner material may require lighter pressure; otherwise the transfer can leave a ‘window’ on the garment and/or scorching may occur. *Polyester settings can vary, but best to use lower temperature and pressure generally

    50 / 50: • 275°F for 12 seconds • Post press for 5 – 10 seconds

    COTTON: • 310 - 325°F for 15 seconds • Post press for 10 seconds

    FINISHING: • Matte finish – Kraft paper, T Seal or parchment cover sheet. • Shiny/gloss finish - Teflon cover sheet *Specialty silicone pads with texture can be used to prevent gloss look, gives print a nice textured feel.

    ADDITIONAL SUGGESTIONS: • Thicker fabrics require more heat, generally. • Hats (poly) may require 245 - 250°F for 5 - 8 seconds • Umbrellas, EZ-ups, stadium chairs will require testing and trial and error. *Be careful of dye / ink migration with polyester textiles - perform a 24hr test (fine tuning) to see if the ink migrates (clothing dye reacts with the DTF ink)

    GARMENT TYPES: • DTF works with almost all fabrics and garment types: • Combed Cotton, Ring Spun Cotton, Organic Cotton, Polyesters, Blended Fabrics, Poly-Cottons, Tri-Blends, Polyester-Spandex, Leather, Vinyl, Denim, Canvas and much more.