Siser Heat Transfer Pillows
Siser Heat Transfer Pillows
Siser Heat Transfer Pillows

Siser Heat Transfer Pillows - 5 Sizes Available

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Heat Transfer Pillows

Heat Transfer Pillows give your designs a smooth, even surface.

If you only purchase one cover sheet, this is the one you want! This is the most popular reusable non-stick cover sheet in the industry. These cover sheets protect your garment and the press’ upper platen. Heat Transfer Cover Sheets are reusable and give your image a semi-gloss finish.

Heat Transfer Pillows have a core of soft foam covered by our non-stick Heat Transfer Cover Sheet material. The thickness of the foam allows you to elevate the working space, keeping unwanted areas away from the heat to give you an even surface for hat application. Most commonly used on garments with zippers, buttons, seams, and pockets. The contour design allows for easy insertion into the garment. Ideal for separating the front and back of reversible jerseys.

Available sizes: 16″ x 20″, 12″ x 14″, 10″ x 10″, 6″ x 8″, 5″ x 18″

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Siser Heat Transfer Pillows

How To Use Heat Transfer Pillow:

*The reason why you'd want a heat press pillow is if you're pressing something that has a zipper,
or snaps, or thick seams it's nice to have something for those to cushion into. If you've got a
little bag with a zipper if you were to press that without the pillow that zipper's
gonna add some bulk. And you're not gonna get a nice flat surface when you're pressing.

*This heat press pillow provides a cushion for the zipper to sink into. Same with these snaps and buttons,
you want somewhere for those to go because they add quite a bit of bulk
and your vinyl's not gonna sit nice and smooth and get all the press that it needs.