AlbaChem Adhesive Removal Fluid 1232

AlbaChem Alba-Remove Film Adhesive Removal Fluid (No.1232)

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AlbaChem Alba-Remove Film Adhesive Fluid – No. 1232

• Non-toxic
• Breaks down adhesives
• Does not damage most painted and metal surfaces
• Once decal/film has been removed using a heat lamp or heat gun, spray glue residue with Alba-Remove and let penetrate for about one minute and adhesive is easily squeegeed away. Any remaining residue is easily wiped away using Alba-Remove on a clean cloth, then flushing with Alba-Apply or water.

20 oz. bottle with an easy pour spout

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AlbaChem Adhesive Removal Fluid 1232

• Test before using for fabric colorfastness and residues
• Use in a well ventilated area
• Wear gloves and safety glasses for protection
• Follow all user instructions
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