Direct to Film Custom Transfers
Direct to Film Custom Transfers
Direct to Film Custom Transfers
Direct to Film Custom Transfers
Direct to Film Custom Transfer
Direct to Film Custom Transfer

DTF (Direct to Film) Custom Transfers 22" x 1 Yd Roll - Bulk Pricing Available

Product code: HT-DTFCUSTOM221YD

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DTF Transfer Artwork files are printed as submitted!

Kindly ensure that your artwork submission adheres to the guidelines provided.
Files not prepared correctly may result in production delays.

*This product is excluded from all promotional discounts and offers.

Artwork Requirements

1. Artwork Will Be Printed in Its Submitted Form

The artwork file you submit will proceed directly to printing without any modifications from our side. Consequently, we cannot be held accountable for any discrepancies or problems associated with the artwork or its setup.

Should you require assistance with your design, feel free to reach out to our designer at Be advised that a fee may apply for the review and any minor alterations to your artwork. 

2. Artwork Backgrounds Will Be Included in Printing

Backgrounds incorporated into the artwork file will be printed, including those intended to represent garment colors. To avoid printing an unwanted solid background, ensure your file is saved in a format that supports transparency, such as PNG, PDF, or TIF.

NOTE: Please be aware that JPG and JPEG files typically have solid backgrounds. Utilize your design software to eliminate the background and save the file in one of the recommended formats to maintain transparency.

3. Sharp Edges Needed for Best Artwork Results

 Achieving a crisp, well-defined edge in your artwork is essential for achieving the most visually appealing outcome. Soft or fading edges with transparencies may result in white ink visibility when transferred onto dark-colored garments. Therefore, it's recommended to ensure your artwork has clearly delineated edges to achieve the best results.


4. Minimum design size is 0.25" x 0.25" (6.5mm x 6.5mm)

The minimum size for any single design or logo is set at 0.25" x 0.25" (6.5mm x 6.5mm). However, if your overall artwork includes elements smaller than this size, it could still be accepted.



5. Minimum line thickness is 0.02" (0.5mm)

Designs must feature lines with a thickness no less than 0.02 inches (0.5 millimeters).

Thinner lines may result in inadequate white ink coverage and insufficient powder application, affecting the print's durability and washability.


6. No Trademarked Images

We cannot print images that are trademarked (like Disney, NFL, fashion brands, schools, etc.), screenshots, or watermarked images without permission from the owner. Such images will be taken out of your order and not printed. Orders solely with these images will be canceled and refunded. If you have permission, please send proof to

Expectations for Artwork Submissions

1. Expect Variations Between Screen Displays and Print Colors

The colors you see on your digital devices—be it a computer, tablet, or phone—may not accurately reflect the final printed colors of your artwork.

DTF Transfers utilize the CMYK color model for printing, whereas screens display colors in RGB. Although some colors may appear to print as seen on screen, exact color matching cannot be assured. To enhance color accuracy in your prints, it's advisable to create your artwork directly in CMYK mode.

 2. No Color Matching Services for DTF Prints

We do not offer color matching services for DTF prints, including spot colors, Pantones, or colors matching other products we distribute. If you have concerns about specific coloring, we recommend conducting a sample run.

You can order our DTF color chart for general CMYK values, but please note that these values may vary during printing, and we cannot guarantee the exact color matching.

 3. Transfers Shipped on a Roll

Whether you upload a design file with a single image or multiple images, please note that all transfers will be provided on a roll. They will not be individually cut or separated before shipping.



4. Supported File Types & Formats

We accept a variety of file types for your convenience, though certain formats are more optimal for our processes. Below are the file types we prefer, as well as additional formats we accept.

Preferred File Formats: PNG (raster), PDF (vector)
Other Acceptable Formats: JPG, JPEG (raster), SVG (vector)


• Cotton • Nylon • Threaded Leather • Polyester & More

10~15 Seconds
High pressure
300~320°F *Polyester at 280°F
Peel Hot/Cold

• Always pre-press your fabric before applying transfers.
• Cover with a parchment paper or a teflon sheet for a another 10 second press.
• Wait 24 hours before washing

• Turn inside out • Wash in cold water • No fabric softeners
• No harsh detergents • Hang dry or low heat dry setting

Turnaround Time

11AM PST will be the cut-off time for same day shipping. Upon payment, production begins. Shipping Time will take another 1-4 business days depending on delivery location. Please message us prior to placing your order if you need rush or special services. Rush orders are subject to additional charges. Orders ship from our Buena Park, CA production facility.