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FOREVER Flex-Soft (No-Cut) 8.5" x 11" Sample Set

Product code: FSNC8.5x11 SAMPLE SET

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FOREVER Flex-Soft (No-Cut) Self-Weeding Heat Transfer Paper for Laser Printers (Sample Set)

Transfer foil for Black and White or CMYK Laser/LED printers and copiers.Print black and get white, metallic or neon colors! No cutting, no weeding!

Comes with:
• Matte finish paper
• Flex-Soft (No-Cut) White- 2 Sheets
• Flex-Soft (No-Cut) Black –2 Sheets
• Flex-Soft (No-Cut) Metallic Gold-2 sheets
• Flex-Soft (No-Cut) Metallic Silver-2 sheets
• B-Paper 8 sheets
• No Cutting and Weeding
• Low substrate application temperatures of 100-160°C (212°F-320°F)
• Printing of almost all fabrics & hard surfaces (Cotton, Blended Fabrics, Polyester,
Nylon, Polypropylene, Paper, Wood, etc.)
• For Black/White or CMYK Laser/LED Printers and Copiers
• Washable up to 40°C (104°F)
• Fine details and difficult graphics transferable without problems
• Huge time savings
• Unbelievable design and motive possibilities (vintage, used look, fashion, vectors)
• Available in DIN A4, DIN A3, 8,5×11 in., 11×17 in.
You do not need a special laser printer. Any laser printers are available.
If you have these print quality problems, do not use.• Please view link below for visual instructions:Custom Labels