FOREVER TransferRIP Printing Software
FOREVER TransferRIP Printing Software
FOREVER TransferRIP Printing Software

FOREVER TransferRIP Printing Software for OKI Printers

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FOREVER TransferRIP Printing Software for OKI White Toner Printers

FOREVER TransferRIP, in combination with the FOREVER transfer media and the OKI White Toner printers, opens up incredible opportunities for users of popular FOREVER media – such as FOREVER Laser Dark No-Cut, Laser Dark No-Cut for Finishing and Laser Light No-Cut — and OKI white toner laser printers. The software allows the user to easily set up and coordinate print jobs for the OKI white toner printers with pre-set printer profiles for FOREVER’s popular t-shirt print media. Image and color adjustments can be easily done within the setup of the software, along with an easy ‘color removal’ tool to make your transfers seamlessly blend into the t-shirt fabric color without any extra equipment or processes.

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FOREVER TransferRIP Printing Software

• Easily import EPS, PSD, PDF, TIFF, JPG, and PNG images into the print queue to begin
editing the print job and image. From there, image color, contrast, saturation, and more can be
easily adjusted, and the colors can be ‘knocked out’ from the image to reduce unnecessary printing!
Once your image is set up with your adjustments, you can preview a high definition image of your printing
result to avoid costly issues and printing mistakes, or queue the job to send onto the printer.
The software is Windows compatible and will ship with a security dongle to unlock the program

• TransferRIP software includes the revolutionary ability to apply a screenprinting halftone
pattern – fully customizable – to your transfers for the ultimate durability, soft feel on the shirt,
and quality appearance for your printed designs and images

Color Management for Professional Requirements!
User has easy access to multiple image adjustment tools – brightness, contrast, saturation, and selective
color correction – as needed, without requiring the use of additional programs. With the selective white toner
control, as well as the specially for FOREVER Transfer Media tuned color profiles, the user receives optimal
color reproduction.Reduces Toner Use and Print Cost
By being able to selectively reduce the usage of white toner, and also rasterizing the design, overall print
costs are diminished by up to 40% for an even more affordable one-off and production solution for t-shirt

Dramatically Improves Wash-Fastness and Quality
Rasterized designs withstand washing far better than full printed designs, because wash water is able
to flow through the fabric surface without becoming abrasive to the transfer – as a result, cracking can almost
completely be eliminated, and durability is excellent Rasterized designs also allow the fabric to flex easier,
resulting in a much softer and less noticeable ‘transfer feel’. Your customers will never know how much you’re
saving on a beautifully printed and touchably soft customized garment!

*Note: Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 only. Mac OSX not supported at this time.