HIX Splitter Stand for SwingMan-20

HIX Splitter Stand for SwingMan-20

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HIX Splitter Stand for SwingMan-20

The HIX Shirt Splitter Stand is the handiest device for printing multiple panels on the same garment.

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The HIX Shirt Splitter Stand is built in a cantilever profile, providing the transfer machine with the capability to press only one side of a shirt while its other side hangs safely underneath the lower platen. It works well for garments where pockets, zippers, or other assemblies cannot allow for a flat surface when laying fully onto the lower platen. It is ideal for use with sublimation applications and prohibiting the dye to migrate to other parts of the garment or to the shirt’s back.

The Shirt Splitter Stand can be ordered at the time of a new transfer machine purchase, or later to retrofit existing equipment. It fits only the HT400/600, S450/650 models built after 2001, and is equipped with a folded sheet metal base.

The Splitter Stand works very well in combination with the pad protector as this allows the operator to easily slide shirts on and off the machine, but also turn them front–to-back with a simply sleight of hand. This way, back and front of the shirt can be independently transferred on, without images and colors migrating or interfering.