HIX SwingMan 15 Swing Away Heat Press 15" x 15"
HIX SwingMan 15 Swing Away Heat Press 15" x 15"

HIX SwingMan 15 Swing Away Heat Press 15" x 15"

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HIX SwingMan 15 Swing Away Heat Press

The Perfect Press for the Start-Up or Mobile Shop

The HIX SwingMan 15 heat press is perfect for start-up, small, or mobile shops who are intent on high quality impressions and reliable equipment for the sublimation market. The SwingMan 15 offers the ability to do garment transfers ranging from youth to XL adult sizes, and accepts substrates up to 1-3/4" thick. The capability to imprint tiles, license plates, and mouse pads are all now available to you!

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Built under the same vision as the “workhorse” HT-400, this swing-away design offers rugged reliability in
a lightweight heat press.Recognized as one of the most reliable small format swing-away heat transfer presses on the market,
this unit packs a lot of punch. At the heart of the SwingMan 15 is a 15"x15" lifetime guaranteed cast-in
heating element with a swing-away design that keeps the hot surfaces away from your hands and arms.
It’s engineered with a sturdy steel design and an easy-adjust pressure control, full-range temperature settings
from off to 400°F, a heatindicator light, and a separate hand held digital timer.

For those mobile shops where your business travels with you, this portable unit is only 57 lbs and takes
up very little space and work surface. The SwingMan 15 makes press transfer applications virtually
unlimited – you can transfer to garments, mouse-pads, glass-cutting boards, plaques, ceramic tiles, and
so much more! This makes it especially perfect for those mobile shops at races, concerts, state fairs, and
any event where you can make money!

Like all HIX heat presses, the SwingMan 15 has a one-year warranty on components, a lifetime warranty
on the heating element, and is ETL Certified for electrical safety.
• Accepts items up to 1.75" thick. Thick tiles, plaques and many other items require this ability.

• Right swing-away design. The swing-away design gives straight down pressure needed for tiles,
plaques, and other items.

• Full-range temperature control to 450°F. There is no guesswork about temperature. You dial it in like
you would on an oven. The 450°F temperature (unusual in such a small press) will transfer anything currently
on the market.

• The heat indicating light means there’s no need for a temperature gauge. Dial the temperature needed and
turn the press on. When the light goes out, the press is ready.

• Separate digital timer included. This is a manual timer, so when the beeper goes off and you stop it, the
timer will automatically reset.
DIMENSIONS: 19" x 17" x 28"
PLATEN SIZE: 15" x 15"