Cold color changing Adhesive
Cold color changing Adhesive
Cold color changing Adhesive
Cold color changing Adhesive
Cold color changing Adhesive
Cold color changing Adhesive

HT-Cold Color Changing Adhesive Vinyl 20" Roll (Yard)

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HT-Cold Color Changing Adhesive Vinyl

Have you seen color changing adhesive vinyl that reacts to cold temperature? This special adhesive vinyl reacts with the cold and changes colors! Get creative with our cold color-changing adhesive vinyl to make a unique craft project. It is a great way to add something special to your mugs, drinking glasses, and so much more. Be fun and innovative with this cold-sensitive film that turns color when exposed to cold temperatures below 59°F and changes back to its frosted white color at a warmer temperature. It is ideal for daily or occasional decorating projects like signs and decal projects. It’s fantastic for special occasions like bridal showers, birthdays, and team events. This cold reactive, color changing vinyl could inspire your unlimited ideas and decorate your project beautifully!

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Cold color changing Adhesive

This color-changing vinyl has premium quality with good cutting characteristics. It is compatible with most craft cutters but prior test is recommended. It is simple to use and could be applied smoothly to any flat surface. It could be used on any smooth surface such as tile, glass, or metal. Cups like insulated tumblers won’t work because when you put ice cold drinks in them, you can’t really feel a temperature change on the outside so putting the vinyl on the outside of these would not work. More you feel the temperature change, the vibrant the color change would be. The amazing glittery and smooth finish could satisfy all your imaginations on colors and patterns.

• The vinyl is permanent vinyl but indoor use is recommended.
• It is water-resistant and hand wash is recommended.
• Colors: Blue, Orange, Green, Pink, and Purple

Design & Cut
Make your design on the computer connected with a cutting machine and do not mirror the image. Cut out the design on the adhesive vinyl.
Remove the excess vinyl from your design with weeding tools.
Place the transfer tape over the design, use a scraper to squeegee, then peel off the tape perfectly.
Place the design on your project surface, squeegee, and peel off the tape.