HT-Velvet HTV
HT-Velvet HTV
HT-Velvet HTV
HT-Velvet HTV
HT-Velvet HTV

HT-Velvet 19.25" x 12" Sheet

Product code: HT-VT20S

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Were you in search for a quality Velvet HTV? Now you found one! We came out with this high quality, super chic looking velvet HTV for our customers. This HT-Velvet provides three dimensional look and soft suede feeling. The same feeling as the soft silk fabric and depending on the angle of view it has two aspects of colors. Cutting/weeding process is super easy and convenient! HT-Velvet can be applied on shirts, caps, and more. Make sure to get this unique texture of velvet feeling HTV for your next crafting! This truly velvet-feeling, fabric looking HTV will stand out from all the other competition. 

HT-Velvet HTV
400 Micron
320°F (160°C)
Please make sure to test the temperature first due to the heat sensitivity of material.
10-15 Seconds
Cutting Setting

45 degree cut
Graphtec: pressure 29~33, Speed 9

Apply to Cotton, Uncoated Polyester, Cotton-Polyester Blends excluding Nylon
- Plotter cut the wanted design on hot melt layer
- Weed the unwanted material
- Place it on the fabric
- Press at medium pressure
- Remove the protective carrier at Warm Peel
Our information is intended for general guidance and we recommend actual tests be done before main jobs to find suitable setting for you.