HTV4U Squeegee for Vinyl Application (2.8" x 11.5")

HTV4U Squeegee for Vinyl Application (2.8" x 11.5")

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HTV4U Squeegee

Enhance the application of your masking films by eliminating pesky air bubbles with this efficient plastic tool. It's the perfect accessory for all your printable digital materials, ensuring air is smoothly pressed out to firmly adhere the mask to your images.

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HTV4U Squeegee (2.8″ x 11.5″)
Discover the original tool of the industry for applications and smoothing. Designed with dual high-stability ribs for better grip and optimal pressure management. Its precise “I.M.” edge, along with a balanced memory, moderate flexibility, and superior glide capabilities, make it the tool of choice for working with vinyl, film, graphics, tape, silk screening, and pressure-sensitive projects.