Hot Melt Adhesive Film
Hot Melt Adhesive Film
Hot Melt Adhesive Film
Hot Melt Adhesive Film

HTV4U Double-sided Hot Melt Adhesive Film for Textile Fabric 14.2" Roll (Yard)

Product code: HTV4U-HMF142

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HTV4U Double-sided Hot Melt Adhesive Film for Textile Fabric

It is an excellent solution for hemming and joining fabrics without the need for sewing, making it perfect for curtain hems, decorative appliques, embroidery on cuffs, collars or pockets, applique bonding and more. The heat-activated adhesive is applied on both sides, allowing you to convert motifs such as patches, embroidered or printed badges and emblems into stickers that can be easily applied to textile garments like elbow or knee pads, bags, or caps. This polyester Hot Melt film is very useful for merchandising, leather goods, tailors, dressmakers, and others.

Hot Melt Adhesive Film

The Hot Melt Film is designed to add motifs or embellishments to garments without the use of a sewing machine. You can create permanent bonds by applying heat using a heat press or domestic iron. Hot Melt adhesive film products with release paper can first bond one side to the material that needs to be compounded, and then peel off the release paper.

Keep in mind that the Hot Melt Film can be applied on cotton, uncoated polyester, and their blends. For synthetic fabrics like lycra, nylon, or polyamide, it's recommended to perform testing. Follow the garment's parameters to wash and iron the film. At 248°F, the adhesive in the Hot Melt film is activated and the adhesion temperature is 320°F. Thickness: 60micron+-10%
By following the instructions below, you'll be able to easily and effectively apply Hot Melt film to your clothes.


• Cut the Hot Melt film into the desired shape using a plotter cutter, laser cutter, or scissors.
• Cut the image material (such as fabric or stamping foil) into the same shape and size as the pre-cut Hot Melt film.
• Place the cut image material onto the Hot Melt film, and apply medium pressure with the heat press at 320°F for 2-3 seconds.
• After removing the brown backing, apply the finished product onto garments with medium pressure using the heat press for 8-10 seconds at 320°F.

*It's recommended to carry out tests to establish the parameters that best suit the fabric used.