HTV4U DTF Transfer Film Roll
HTV4U DTF Transfer Film

HTV4U DTF Transfer Film Roll (14.5" x 109 Yards) - Cold Peel

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HTV4U DTF Transfer Film 14.5" Roll - Cold Peel

These transfer rolls are ideal for use with DTF inks on DTF printers.

These films are different from those used in screen printing. They have a thickness of about 0.75 mm and better transfer characteristics, the technology itself being a more innovative one. DTF film is used with DTF ink and special DTF powder for heat transfer on various textiles, white, colored or black.

* 1 roll : 109 yards (100m)

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HTV4U DTF Transfer Film

Dimension : 14.75" x 109 Yards Roll
Suitable for DTF Inks and DTF Powder
For use on cotton, polyester, 50/50 blends, leather, and more
• A Great soft hand feel
• Good stretch and durability
• Used for Cold Peel Adhesives