KODAK Specialty Flushing Solution

KODAK Specialty Flushing Solution 1 Liter

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Kodak Specialty Flushing Solution 1 Liter

Kodak’s Film-to-Fabric DTF system delivers vibrant, high-quality fabric prints that last...

Kodak Specialty Flushing Solution is a mild solvent solution. It can be used as separation barrier in the ink train when changing from one brand of ink to another. It is also used for long term storage in printer ink train to prevent ink clogging.

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KODAK Specialty Flushing Solution
The KODAK FTF Ink System Advantage
  • Whites work better — they’re brighter and cover even dark fabrics well
  • White and color inks stay in their lane — don’t worry about one covering the other or impacting the quality of the graphic
  • Colors are bright with very high density
  • The process is significantly faster than screen printing
  • The crock, or touch, is soft, stretchable, and resilient
  • The graphics resist sweating, washing, moisture, and rubbing – they stay crisp and gorgeous through multiple wear cycles
  • You get great detail and precision – the inks will lay where you put them
FTF Application Guide

Step 1 – Printing on Film
– Using a DTF inkjet printer, insert Kodak DTF/FTF transfer film in printer paper tray or on paper roll holder
– For Dark shirts: • print color image on the film • print white image layer on top of the color image
– For Light shirts: • print color image on the film

Step 2 – Powder Application
– Apply the Kodak DTF/FTF hot-melt powder uniformly on top of the wet print
– White powder may be used for all applications or black powder my be chosen for dark work
– Powder may be sprinkled manually onto the print in a tray and agitated to cover print completely
   • NOTE: an automated commercial shaker may also be used for powder application
– Ensure that the powder is evenly spread over the printed surface of the film
– Carefully remove excess powder

Step 3 – Melting the Powder
– Place the film with the printed image and the applied powder in a Curing Oven and heat for 2-3 minutes at 100-120ºC
– Place the film inside a heat press, hovering and not applying pressure. A 4 to 7 mm gap between the film and the heat press top plate is recommended, for 3-5 minutes at 140-150ºC. Do not completely close the press.

Step 4 – Pre-pressing
– Pre-press the fabric prior to transfer of the image by the film for 2 to 5 seconds
   • Pre-pressing will flatten the fabric and remove excess humidity contained in the fabric
   • Pre-pressing helps in successful transfer of the image from the film onto the fabric

Step 5 – Transfer
– The film with the image and the melted powder is placed on the pre-pressed fabric in the heat press
– Press/Cure the image to the fabric for 10-20 seconds at 160-180ºC

Step 6 – Cold Peel
– Allow the film/image attached to the fabric to cool completely
– Separate the film from the fabric, leaving the desired image on the fabric

Step 7 – Post-pressing
– A post-press process is highly recommended for best results and high-performance parameters such as wash and rub fastness
– Re-press the image on the fabric for 10-20 seconds at 160-180ºC

Kodak Fluid Product Usage Guidelines