HTV4U Squeegee
HTV4U Squeegee

Lidco Squeegee for Vinyl Application - Multiple Sizes Available

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Lidco Squeegee

Smooth out your masking films and remove unwanted air bubbles with this handy plastic tool. Recommended for use with all printable digital materials. The squeegee removes trapped air and creates a bond between the mask and the image.

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RC-4 (4″x3″), RC-6 (6″x3″), RC-12 (12″x3″):
The industry’s original, application tool & squeegee. Featuring high-stability twin ribs for easy handling and
pressure control. With a true “I.M.” edge, strong memory, medium flex and high glide. Ideal for vinyl, film,
graphics, tape, silk screen, and pressure-sensitive applications.
Chizzler (2.25″x3″):
One sized polycarbonate tool has proven invaluable for removing materials and applying others in tight corners.
Millions used by Vinyl & Film professionals. Custom rolled edges scrapes without marring.
E.Z. Gripper:
Lidco’s E.Z. Gripper Wide Media Installation Tool™ for film and vinyl installation helps make applications
and installations a one-person job. It holds and supports media with its unique design and works like an extra
hand for working with wide graphic materials. The E.Z. Gripper Wide Media Installation Tool™ maintains even
tension of the media to reduce potential creases and avoid accidental folding and flopping of media edges. It handles
wide materials on both horizontal and vertical installations and applies and controls media with or without pre-masking.