Maintop V6.1 Rip Software

Maintop V6.1

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Maintop V6.1

Adobe standard PDF Interpretation engine

Maintop RIP V6.0 supports Adobe PDF print engine and Adobe CPSI, which can fully interpret PDF format and better support PDF files.

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Maintop V6.1 Rip Software

UV spot color printing solutions:
Multi-channel ink jet mode and various spot channel RIP output can be customized; Each channel can be set up spot color ink channel; Providing a variety of options for cover solutions and substrate layers ; White color, varnish can output at the same time or sub-output; White ink density is compatible to the variation of color ink.

High speed multicore RIP computing:
The optimized Windows multi-core printing technology can meet the needs of multi-Printhead combination, high-precision picture printing, multi-precision mode output, and large amount of data processing. The printing speed can be increased by about three times.

Cutting solution:
Maintop RIP V6.0 supports cross positioning, dot locator, fast automatic contour seeking and contour cutting. Maintop layout can be exported as *.plt file in a path format which is identifiable to cutting software, so only one set of software can simultaneously complete RIP and contour cutting.

Digital textile printing solution:
The application of Maintop textile photo composing can copy and diversify the single picture continuously without gap, and the total loading of the print job is only the capacity of single RIP data. This small amount of data printing is easy to transfer and saves the space to improve production.

ICC load and generation:
Maintop color management system can load or independently generate the ICC file , the ICC file generated by the third party color management tool is effectively compatible, and the ICC file can be converted into the MonteMCM file . The accuracy of color management is improved to meet the requirement of international standard on color management.