Oratape MT80P

Oratape MT80P 12" Roll (Yard)

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Oratape MT80P

ORATAPE MT80P has a specially adjusted polyacrylate adhesive which allows residue less removal without any major increase in adhesive strength even after over 6 months. The high dimensional stability of the front material ensures exact positioning. This thickness of the product is 80 microns.

ORATAPE MT80P is recommended for all applications that require a repeated use of the film tape. It has a white glassine release paper which allows you to stick the tape back. The check pattern on the release paper facilitates allow exact cutting of the material.

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Oratape MT80P
• Transparent PVC-based application tape
• Medium adhesive strength
• High tensile strength and removable polyacrylate adhesive
• Repeated use of film is possible
• Check-pattern on the release paper facilitates exact cutting