Pantone Color Chart for DTF
Pantone Color Chart for DTF
Pantone Color Chart for DTF
Pantone Color Chart for DTF
Direct to Film Custom Transfers
Direct to Film Custom Transfers
Direct to Film Custom Transfers
Direct to Film Custom Transfer
Direct to Film Custom Transfer

Pantone Color Chart (22" x 60") for DTF Custom Transfers


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HTV4U DTF Pantone Color Chart (All Pantone Swatches Printed)

Discover the HTV4U DTF Pantone Color Chart: Your Key to Flawless Printing!

Fed up with colors that don't translate accurately from screen to print? Our HTV4U DTF Pantone Color Chart is here to revolutionize your printing process, ensuring vibrant, exact colors every time. Embrace precision and bid farewell to the frustrations of color mismatches!

Understanding the RGB vs. CMYK Dilemma:

RGB, standing for Red, Green, and Blue, is the color scheme for digital visuals, perfect for screens but not for print. It combines light to create colors, which doesn't translate well onto physical media.

CMYK — Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, and Black — is the go-to for printing. This subtractive model works by filtering light from a white backdrop, tailored for transferring your digital designs into tangible prints with unmatched accuracy. We ensure your digital hues are perfectly mapped to their CMYK counterparts, maintaining the essence and vibrancy of your original designs throughout the print process.

But the real game-changer is our HTV4U DTF Pantone (PMS) Color Chart. This comprehensive guide is your printing compass, offering a wide array of CMYK colors, each precisely calibrated. It’s an invaluable resource for comparing, selecting, and adjusting colors to achieve the exact shade you’re after, elevating your printing projects to their highest potential.

This will provide our customers with the ability to know the exact PMS colors, enabling a more accurate visualization and selection process. By integrating the Pantone matching system, we aim to further bridge the gap between digital designs and their printed counterparts, ensuring that your projects realize their true color potential with unparalleled precision.

Why our HTV4U DTF Pantone Color Chart is important:

  • Expansive Color Selection: Dive into a vast sea of Pantone colors, unlocking endless creative potential for your projects.
  • Spot-on Color Matching: Eliminate the guesswork and ensure what you see on screen is what you get in print, maintaining consistency and harmony across your work.
  • Elevated Printing Quality: Harness the power of professional-grade CMYK printing to impress clients and elevate your designs with unparalleled precision and quality.

In summary, the HTV4U DTF Pantone Color Chart is not just an accessory; it's a necessity for anyone serious about achieving perfection and accuracy in their prints. Say goodbye to the uncertainty of color reproduction and hello to confidence in every print job. Get your HTV4U DTF Color Chart today and transform your design dreams into printing reality!

**Important Notice: The validity of this color chart is provisionally set for 60 days. This period may extend or reduce, subject to unforeseen changes. Such variability arises from potential adjustments in the ink formula or the film's coating by our suppliers, among other uncontrollable factors that may influence color accuracy. In light of these possibilities, we highly recommend conducting a preliminary test print or acquiring the latest color chart prior to initiating any major projects. This step is crucial for ensuring the consistency and reliability of your color selections.

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