Siser EasyPSV Printable
Siser EasyPSV Printable
Siser EasyPSV Printable
Siser EasyPSV Printable

Siser EasyPSV Printable 14.75" Roll (Yard)

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EasyPSV® Printable-Adhesive Digital Media (Gloss)

Print and cut full-color designs on our exclusive permanent adhesive vinyl!

Now you have the ability to print your designs on our permanent adhesive vinyl - EasyPSV® Printable! With a glossy finish and permanent adhesive, EasyPSV Printable is suitable for long term applications on hard goods for up to 3 years. 
Additionally, EasyPSv Printable has a permanent tack, so it should not be used on walls or for temporary applications.

*This product is excluded from all promotional discounts and offers.

**We recommend only using solvent based inks with EasyPSV Printable.

Siser EasyPSV Printable
Composition: Calendered PVC
Thickness: 100 Microns/3.9 Mils
Finish: Semi-gloss
Adhesive: Permanent
Applies to: Wood, Glass, Plastic,
Ceramic, Metal
Rated Durability: 3 Years

Ink Types: Solvent, Eco-Solvent, Latex
Heater/Dryer Temp: 113°F/45°C
Dry Time: None (standard prints) or 1 hour (heavy saturation prints)
Cut: Standard (not mirrored)

1. Print and cut based on recommended material settings
2. Weed away excess material from design
3. Mask your design using the application tape
4. Remove design from backing paper
5. Apply design using a squeegee
Blade: Standard
Setting: Iron-On
Silhouette Cameo:
Blade: Standard, 3
Material: Heat Transfer, Smooth
Material: Smooth
Speed: 8
Force: 6
Scan N Cut:
Blade: Standard, 2
Cut Speed: 1
Cut Pressure: 2
Roland GS/GX-24:
Blade: 45°
Gram Force: 80-90
Offset: 250
Speed: 25-50 cm/s
Blade: 45°
Gram Force: 9
Tool: CB09U+0
Speed: 25 cm/s
Titan 2 & 3
Blade: 45°/60°
Gram Force: 60-65
Speed: 300mm/s
*Blade Advancing Varies
Settings may vary based on blade condition and age of machine.
Always perform a test cut prior to cutting designs.

Recommended Accessories:
Adhesive Application Tape

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