TexPrint XPHR Sublimation Paper
TexPrint XPHR Sublimation Paper

TexPrint®XPHR Desktop Sublimation Paper 5" X 9.25"

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TexPrint®XPHR Sublimation Paper - Mug Size

Small Format 'High-Release' Quick-Dry
Water Based Sublimation Paper

TexPrint®XPHR is the #1 selling desktop dye-sublimation paper in the world.  TexPrint®XPHR is designed to work equally on hard and soft surfaces and provides consistent performance from the printer to the transfer press.

*This product is excluded from all promotional discounts and offers.

**TexPrint has rebranded their XPHR to TexPrint DT Light. Rest assured that while the name is different, the paper itself is the same. We apologize for any confusion this may cause. 

TexPrint XPHR Sublimation Paper
*TexPrint®XPHR is optimized for Epson but it can also be used with Ricoh and Sawgrass Printers.
**For other universal Subli Printer, testing is recommended before using it.
Tested and proven with Sawgrass desktop inks and all major brands of small format digital sublimation inks including • Epson • Sensient • Manoukian • J-Teck • OEM Brands • Sawgrass
• TexPrint®XPHR is fully compatible with Piezo print head technology on all Epson desktop and popular small format dye sublimation printers, including • Epson • Mimaki • Roland • Mutoh • Ricoh • Kyocera • Panasonic • Seiko

As with all the rest of the TexPrint® family, TexPrint®XPHR® is 100% recyclable!

Recommended Use & Applications

Hard and Soft Substrates 

• Mugs • Mouse Pads • Metal • Ceramics • Tiles • Glass • Chromaluxe • Athletic Wear • T-shirts • Swim Wear • Snow Boards • Skis • Signs • Banners & much more